Winter Bonus Sale

200× epic

200× epic

Spartan 12G-TR

MMR Shotgun

This MASTERWORK edition of the Spartan 12G comes with a unique combination of powerful weapon parts. The Thermal Round magazine switches the damage type of the shotgun to THERMAL which makes it extremely strong against armored enemies. It also comes with a Lasersight for easier target acquisition and accuracy.

20× mythic

20× mythic

Dark Phoenix

Masterwork Suit

  • Dark Phoenix (Masterwork Suit) based on the Seraph Suit
  • Improved base stats
  • Aura effect: enemies get additional damage over time
  1. Exclusive skill Rebirth Ultimate (resurrect yourself and come back stronger than before)

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Winter Sale

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Design Name Total mints Rarity Price
Dark Corruption Symbiosis 50× Mythic $505
Golden Phoenix 20× Mythic $999
Exo Module The Nuclear Engine 100× Mythic $199
USC Shield Generator 2,000× Rare Giveaway

Limited Founders Packages

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Design Name Total mints Rarity Price
USC Shield Generator 1,000× Rare Giveaway
MMR Power Core 500× Epic $49
Infected Heart 50× Master $99