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The Desolation brings a complete
cross-platform co-op looter-shooter
experience to PC and mobile devices.
Make your impact across
endless procedurally generated
worlds via cooperative action
combat, deep build
customization and richly
satisfying tactical gameplay.

Spartan 12G


  • Perks have certain triggers that activate their effects.
  • Effects can include status modifiers, status effects, direct status changes or even permanent buffs (e.g. Account XP buff).
  • Trigger types and chances vary.
  • Gear perks come in tiers with higher tier perks dropping on higher rarity gear

Weapon Expansion

  • Unlock new weapon effects like crit multiplier, crit chance, FOV, push force, melee damage, melee range, fire modes, hit combat effects, aggro.
  • Add new weapon types like Rocket Launchers, Swords, Charge Rifles etc


This is just the beginning...


Early Access

Content Update 1

Beta Access

Content Update 2




What can I do, if I lose access to my account or my NFTs?

If you lose access to your account or to your NFTs, please immediately open a ticket in our The Desolation Discord and message OpenLoot via This will help us secure your accounts.

How can I keep my account secure?

Use a strong, unique password for your OpenLoot Marketplace account as well as your The Desolation account, and don’t reuse it anywhere else. We recommend using a password manager. If possible, we also suggest you enable two-factor authentication. We will never ask you for your password. You should not give out this information under any circumstances.
Also, be aware to whitelist as all official information will be distributed through this website.

When does the giveaway start and how can I join?

The giveaway starts on 2. November 2023 11:00. Before this time, you will not be able to enter the giveaway. Even if you have already connected to Discord, you will need to return to the giveaway page and connect again. Don’t worry if the page hasn’t recognized you as a member of our Discord. If you’re on the Discord, it will count. The check will only happen when the giveaway begins. If you are one of the lucky ones who win, you can enter The Desolation starting November 20. You can find a countdown as well as all information regarding the giveaway here: The Desolation Early Access Giveaway on Open Loot.

Is the game an NFT Game?

As a studio, we are delivering engaging gameplay experiences to our community. Therefore we are utilizing the latest technologies, which include NFTs. We are also believing in ownership and community-driven development which means that NFTs are an important part of the endgame but it is not the entire focus. In our documentation, we refer to NFTs as Digital Goods.

Who is the developer of “The Desolation”?

“The Desolation” is developed by Stratosphere Games. Stratosphere Games is a German-based cross-platform game development studio that specializes in high-quality games.

My Founders Pack contains an Exo Module, what is an Exo Module?

Every Battlesuit that your avatar will wear in game, has four Exo Module slots that boost base stats and can provide additional stat modifiers and perks. The Shield slot, the Power slot, the Thruster slot and the Utility slot. Each slot type is unique, boosting different base stats. All three Founders Packs contain Exo Modules can be used in three of these slots. The Epic Access Pass contains an MMR Power Core which you can slot into your Power Exo Module Slot. The Master Access Pass contains the Infected Heart which you can slot into your Utility Exo Module Slot. The Rare Access Pass contains a UCA Shield Generator which you can slot into your Shield Exo Module Slot.

Do I need to pay to play The Desolation?

While optional purchases will be available, these items are not required for progression and do not affect your ability to succeed or progress in the game. We intend to enable optional purchases that aren’t required to be competitive.

What can I gain from joining Early Access? Will all progress be reset?

Early Access is an early preview of the game. The goal is to collect your valuable feedback and use this information to develop The Desolation before its final release. You’ll be part of this process and will actively shape the future of the game. In this Early Access phase, you will get to experience a dungeon and an endless survival mode that will test your skills. In addition, taking part in the Early Access phase will also mean you will be eligible for special sales and additional giveaways.

Your progress will be reset at the start of each major phase (e.g. Beta Phase or Global Launch) but your previously purchased Digital Goods are of course yours to keep.

Will there be future sales?

Yes, there will be special item sales in the future for which you are whitelisted if you have purchased a Founders Pass.

Will the Founder Digital Goods be tradeable?

Yes. While the Early Access benefit at some point might be lost, the Founder Digital Goods still provide you with a valuable in-game item that can be traded to other players on the Open Loot marketplace.

When does the Founders Sale start?

The Founders Sale starts on November, 2nd. You will be able to buy each of the Founders Packs until November 19th. Obtaining a Founder’s Pack will also whitelist you for all future sales.

Is there a Discord for the game? 

Yes indeed there is! You’re invited to join other players of The Desolation over on our official Discord right here:

How can I make sure that my NFTs are secure?

All of your NFTs are stored in your Openloot Marketplace account. To create this account you need to verify your identity to secure all of your NFTs and future transactions. In addition, you will need to go through a secure KYC (Know Your Customer) process to make sure all Openloot Marketplace accounts are legitimate.
Please also make sure to never give out your login Marketplace account login information to anyone. In addition, please make sure that you use a verified third-party key manager to secure your deposits and withdrawals.

I have bought a Founders Pack, what do I get?

You will receive one of 3 Exo Modules (See below for an explanation) but you will not receive these in-game items just yet. Owning the Founder Access passes grants you access to the game on November 16th. The in-game items will be added with our economy update in Q1 2024 and we will announce the exact date in the near future. If, on November 16th as a holder of the Epic or Master access pass, you are not able to enter the Early Access phase, please contact our customer service.

Will there be a white paper for the game?

Beyond what we answered above, we will release a white paper detailing the economy and how it functions in greater detail when we update the game with other economic features. This will be most likely in Q1 2024 and will be presented in an easy to explain pdf.

I have feedback on the game. How can I reach out?

Once the game is live we will give users the opportunity to fill out a survey about the game experience. In addition, you can always leave your feedback in our Discord.

Will there be a content creator program? How will it work?

Yes, there will be a content creator program for you to join, we’re very excited to welcome an exclusive group of content creators to the community of the game. The content creator program will be available to join when Early Access goes live on the 20th of November. By joining the content creator program you’ll be eligible for exclusive rewards related to the content you create which we will reveal when the program goes live. In order to joining the content creator program, simply sign up at the link we provide before the game goes live. We will provide you with this link to the sign up via our Discord.

Who are The MMR? Who are the UCA? Who are The Shade?

These are some of the factions and groups that make up the world of The Desolation. You’ll be able to meet them and see what they have to offer, dangerous or delightful, when the game launches next year.

How is the economy of “The Desolation” structured?

The Desolation is at its core a free-to-play game where you will complete missions to progress your character and earn resources. Resources can be invested to upgrade your gear or to craft new ones. Eventually, your fully upgraded gear can be minted and sold on the marketplace. Minting gear won’t be possible in the first Early Access version, but will be accessible with our economy update in Q2 2024.

How can I play The Desolation? On what platforms?

The Early Access PC client will be made available on the website for you to download on the 16th of November. Access is only granted to Founder Access Pass holders. In the future, we plan to release the game on additional platforms including Epic and Steam. More information about this will be shared soon.

I did not buy a Founder’s Pack, can I still play the game?

This Early Access phase is reserved for people who have bought any of our Founders Packs or won in our giveaway. However, over the next months leading up to release there will be several additional opportunities to get an early look at the game.

How many Founders Packs can I buy?

You will be limited to just 5 Epic Access Passes and only 1 Master Pass. Please be informed that the giveaway is limited to only one entry per person.

When can I play The Desolation?

The Early Access phase of “The Desolation” starts on November 16. Everyone who has purchased one of our Founders Packs can enter the game on that date, November 16. Everyone who has won a Founders Pack in the giveaway can enter The Desolation on November 20. If you did not purchase a Founders Pack or win one in our giveaway, you won’t be able to play The Desolation just yet. We will inform you in our #announcements channel with all information regarding future phases and sales that will allow you to enter The Desolation.