Leaderboard Challenge 1 – Starts Now!

SG DES XSOLLA Launcher Article 1280x720 V2

Calling all mercenaries,

Today we are launching our DUNGEON LEADERBOARD CHALLENGE! For the real Chimeras, already battling it out against the Shade in the game… our new DUNGEON LEADERBOARD CHALLENGE is waiting for you! Here are the UPDATED rules of how you can enter:

  • IMPORTANT: One of you must be recording video footage of your winning Dungeon match that corresponds with your entry on the leaderboard otherwise your entry will not be counted!
  • Get as high as you can on the Dungeon Leaderboard by the 5th of January
  • Prizes go out to the top 30 on the Dungeon Leaderboard the date of the 5th when the challenge ends
  • Prizes may be awarded up to two weeks after the challenge ends
  • Prizes come from the remaining pool of Digital Goods from our Early Access Founders Sale, no supplies have been increased, no reminting, these Digital Goods were reserved for prizes for Community Events. They are as follows:
    • The number 1 winner will receive the Digital Goods of all 3 of our Access Passes
      • Ranks 2-10 will win an Infected Heart Master Access Pass
      • Ranks 11-30 will win an MMR Power Core Epic Access Pass
  • Please note, the prizes cannot be exchanged or changed if you already own one of them
  • Only the top 30 on the 5th of January will be counted, so if you hit the top of the Dungeon Leaderboard on the 3rd of January and someone knocks you off the top spot, you will need to get back out there and try again
  • You can enter the Dungeon Leaderboard Challenge solo or as a team, if you are in the number 1 slot as a group of 3, all 3 of you will receive the winning prize
  • UPDATED: Any runs completed using exploits will not be counted. This includes exploits like skipping bosses or avoiding and manipulating gameplay in any way. We expect players to play through the entire Dungeon normally. Players who use exploits will not be disqualified, only your run will. At this stage, we cannot stop you from playing how you wish to but we can enforce that your run will not be counted if you use an exploit. Exploited runs will be removed from the leaderboard as soon as we become aware of them.

Good hunting, mercenaries!